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“The only comprehensive and critical rundown of Jackson’s solo material.”ROLLING STONE 

Over his four decades in the public spotlight, Michael Jackson dazzled audiences, broke down barriers, and transformed popular music. Yet his brilliance as an artist has often been overshadowed by the tabloid frenzy that surrounded his unusual life. Man in the Music returns to to the albums, songs and videos that made the King of Pop a cultural force in the first place. From Off the Wall and Thriller, to BadDangerousHIStory and beyond, Vogel takes us deep inside Jackson’s vast musical catalog. Meticulously researched and documented, Man in the Music has been praised by Rolling Stone, Billboard, and the Associated Pressand is widely considered the #1 resource book on the creative work of Michael Jackson.

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“Joseph Vogel has brilliantly cracked the DNA, the code of the work, the artistry of Michael Joseph Jackson.This is the book I have been long awaiting — a pointed, intelligent dissection of an epic body of work.” —SPIKE LEE

“Vogel takes the reader album-by-album, song-by-song and examines in exhaustive detail how Jackson produced a lifetime’s worth of music that became a soundtrack to the lives of millions.” ASSOCIATED PRESS

“Don’t be surprised if it makes you go back and listen…with a whole new outlook on the King of Pop.” —ZACK O’MALLEY GREENBURG, FORBES

“The definitive book on Michael Jackson.” —MICHAEL ERIC DYSON