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Michael Jackson and the Reinvention of Pop

Before Michael Jackson, white rock dominated radio, MTV and print media, black artists were relegated to second-class categories, and “pop” was a euphemism for “bubblegum” fluff. After Michael Jackson, pop became the umbrella term for all of popular music — and the artist made sure he was coronated its king. In this new collection, critically-acclaimed author Joseph Vogel (Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson) gathers together some of his most provocative and challenging work on the enigmatic icon. Featuring twenty original pieces, this fascinating mosaic explores a wide range of subject matter: from behind-the-scenes histories of Jackson’s songs, to his cinematic ambitions, to his rivalry with Prince, to the ways in which he expanded the possibilities of pop.

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Vogel’s prodigious collection of essays…is both a poignant deconstruction and ardent retrofit of the greatest entertainer that ever lived. Vogel presents an honest and beautiful tableau-vivant of this Super-Man In The Mirror that will reflect in our collective consciousness for years to come.” BARRY MICHAEL COOPER Award-winning journalist for the Village Voice and screenwriter for New Jack City