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IN THE MONTHS LEADING UP TO THE IOWA CAUCUSES, most pundits and political experts scoffed at the idea that young voters would play a significant role in Barack Obama’s bid for President. Yet just months later, as Obama won primary after primary with the help of unprecedented youth turnout, the conventional wisdom was turned on its head. Not since the Kennedys in the 1960s had a politician so energized young people in America. The difference was that this new generation of  “Millennials” could mobilize through technology and online networking in ways unimaginable to previous campaigns. Within weeks of Obama’s presidential announcement, online groups swelled into the hundreds of thousands, creative videos went viral on YouTube, and interest translated into record-setting donations and massive turnouts across the country. The Obama Movement captures the energy and idealism of a grassroots movement that swept the nation and made history. In addition to the twenty-five personal stories that comprised the first edition, this fully updated book includes a new introduction and a detailed narration of the campaign as it unfolded, from Iowa to the nomination.

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“A deftly compiled and highly recommended addition to community library political collections.” [5 stars] —Midwest Book Review

“Provides insight into why Barack Obama’s campaign is about more than winning a campaign, and instead could build a progressive movement. . . .” —John K. Wilson, Author of Barack Obama- This Improbable Quest

“Senator Obama applauds the efforts of Joseph Vogel and the thousands of young people across the country who have joined this campaign to change this country. The issues young people are facing today are serious, and Senator Obama will make sure young people have a voice in the White House.” —Jen Psaki, Spokeswoman for Barack Obama