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Welcome to Michael Jackson Studies. This page was created to serve as a resource center for those interested in learning more about the creative life and work of poicon Michael Jackson. If there is a book, essay or article you feel should be added to this page, please contact me and I will gladly consider it. A few notes about the material I have included below:

1. This bibliography is not intended to be comprehensive. I only include material I am familiar with and believe might be useful for those studying and/or writing about Michael Jackson.

2. There are numerous fan websites and blogs that offer valuable information, excellent archives and interesting perspectives on Michael Jackson. Persistent researchers will no doubt discover the best of these. However, for this list I have decided to stick, as much as possible, to articles, essays and books with recognizable publishers and authors.

3. I am often asked whether I agree with or endorse every source I include on this list. The answer is “no.” These sources are intended to help serious researchers of Michael Jackson become familiar with a broad range of material, conversations and debates surrounding the artist and therefore includes a variety of perspectives.

4. Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this page in no way endorses a belief in the occult.


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